Who owns 26-28 Hammersmith Grove?

The site is owned by Britel Fund Trustees Limited.

Who is developing the site / delivering 26-28 Hammersmith Grove?

Adams Consulting are the project managers on this project, on behalf of Britel Fund Trustees Ltd. Turley are the planning consultants and Fletcher Priest are the architects on this pre-application.

What is being proposed?

The proposal will see the redevelopment of a car park to provide a new 85-bed aparthotel in Hammersmith, London.

How large will the hotel be?

The new proposals will be 85 bedrooms which is down from 97.

If this planning application has already been rejected, why is it being submitted again?

The revised designs follow constructive consultations and take into account careful consideration as to how the hotel will support Hammersmith’s business objectives, fitting in with the look and feel of the area, whilst limiting impact on the surrounding residences. This includes measures to reduce the massing of the building, incorporate innovative windows that increase resident privacy and revising the manner in which people and vehicles access the site.

The previous application was overturned under officer delegated authority - what does that mean and how do you know this won’t happen again?

The previous planning application was rejected under the officers delegated authority. Council officers raised a number of issues which the revised proposals address.

Why is the site being developed now?

Now is a good time to develop it in such a way that promotes the town centre’s business objectives whilst better supporting the sustainability objectives of the area. We believe it is especially important as we go through this pandemic to continue to develop and generate sites to keep the economy moving.

How does the development fit into wider plans for this part of Hammersmith? Does Hammersmith need an aparthotel?

Whilst there are hotels nearby, there is not the same aparthotel offering, which appeals to tourists and businesspeople for the flexibility and space that it provides. It is vital that Hammersmith has the right beds provision to support its economic requirements.

Is there a hotel provider signed up?

The design proposals have been developed in conjunction with a boutique provider. The operator is yet to be announced.

What effect will this have on the surrounding area, including Hammersmith Broadway?

Our intention is for the aparthotel to support Hammersmith’s reputation as a business destination. On a practical level, whilst noise and construction traffic will be present during the construction of the building, both will be managed through specific mitigating measures to minimise disruption to the surrounding residences and roads.

Will the development include public space / public realm?

No, the development does not include public realm.

Why have you chosen to design the space in this way?

The designs made best use of this space, whilst taking into consideration how the building acts as a buffer between the London Underground and neighbouring residences, as well as a reduction in height of the closest parts of the hotel to the rear gardens of properties along Hammersmith Grove. The resubmitted designs take into consideration the objections local residents had and we believe those concerns have been dealt with.

How will you ensure residents’ privacy?

The aparthotel bedrooms windows on the west elevation are at a distance of approx. 44m from the windows of the residential properties on Hammersmith Grove. This distance is significantly in excess of the national planning guidance of 18m. To further mitigate any concern regarding privacy, fritted glazing is proposed to these windows.

What demolition / construction will there be on site?

Partial demolition of existing car park, ramp and garage and construction of an 85 bed aparthotel, hard and soft landscaping works and new screening to existing loading bay.

How will traffic be managed?

Proposed measures include all deliveries and taxis being routed into the service yard; bollards to be erected to avoid vehicular movement to hotel; moving pedestrian route away from residential garden boundary; enclosing the pedestrian route with acoustic screening along the service yard perimeter; existing car-park under-croft service; and, moving the main entrance to the aparthotel to create a more direct route from
pedestrian walkway.

What measures are being taken to manage noise on site?

A Noise Assessment has been undertaken which analyses the potential noise from the external activities associated with the development in terms of quantitative criteria. A new acoustic fence will act as a sound buffer between residences and aparthotel.

Will daylight and sunlight to neighbouring buildings be affected by the development?

A daylight and sunlight analysis has been undertaken and accepted by the local authority.

How is this development sustainable?

The development is going to be built with a view to being as sustainable as possible, both in design, landscaping and materials used. Matters of sustainability will be comprehensively addressed within the planning application. The proposed development will meet BREEAM “Excellent” rating.

Is this our only opportunity to leave feedback?

There are opportunities throughout this process for the local community to leave feedback after this consultation. After the application is submitted, the council will carry out their own consultation, providing another chance to share your views.

Will you incorporate our feedback into the design?

All feedback will be considered and discussed with the project team.

Apart from digital consultations, how else can we contact you?

You can contact us via email and can submit feedback via the online feedback form on the website.

What are the next steps for this application?

Following the consultation in which we will garner views from the local community which will help inform our application, we will submit a planning application.

When will you submit a planning application?

We will be submitting the planning re-application in Winter 2020 / 21.

When will building start?

Following a successful planning application, we hope to get on site later on in the year of approval.

Construction Timeline

The proposed hotel programme:
  • Planning Application: Winter 2020
  • Planning Consent: Spring 2021
  • Construction Start: Summer / Autumn 2021
  • Completion: Winter 2022 / 2023

Latest News

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